The Gilroy Business and Education Partnership (GBEP) was formed in 2009 to create a rich pool of resources to assist businesses, educators, employees, and students with a clearinghouse of information.

Within this site are valuable links to services that provide training and support to ensure that the multitude of resources are accessed and used to their fullest advantage. Whether you are a student at a local high school, an employer looking to find on-site training, or someone looking for an internship, this website is your one-stop resource guide.

The GBEP group is a collaboration of business professionals, educators, business associations, and training agencies. Their focus is to develop connections so that skill sets, training, and educational opportunities keep the south county region primed for emerging job markets.

Visit us often, navigate through the links, and provide feedback so that this site continues to build its library of resources and serves the community effectively. The GBEP commitment is to your success.

To find out how you can get involved with the Gilroy Business Education Partnership submit a GBEP contact form. A GBEP representative will contact you shortly.